What our patients are saying...
"The people went over and above the call of their duty during my time in rehab!"

What our patients are saying...
"Thank you for everyone’s help in getting Mom home again. It was a real team effort."

What our patients are saying...
"Great staff; caring, fun to be around and very good at their jobs.”

What our patients are saying...
“I received excellent care from all who treated me. Thank you again for your wonderful hospital.”

What our patients are saying...
"Thanks for your dedication to our health!”

What our patients are saying...
“ACMH has a great Cardiac Rehab Program – keep up the good work!”

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ACMH Foundation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Funding Requests

What does the foundation fund?
The ACMH Foundation supports health initiatives and health education throughout ACMH Hospital and Armstrong County area.

How can I request funding through the foundation?
There are 2 ways to request funding through the Foundation:

  • Download a Funding Request form, print it out and send it to the Foundation.
  • Or send in your own proposal ensuring the required information is contained in the proposal. (See – what information is required to request funding?)

What information do I need to request funding?
Please follow these steps:

  1. You must first make sure your request is in line with the Foundation’s mission statement found under the “Mission & Vision” tab of the Foundation website.
  2. Include a description of (reason for) request.
  3. Amount requested.
  4. The name of any other funders you have contacted or received funding from.
  5. Describe how the request will benefit the health of the community.
  6. Include a line item budget.
  7. Contact information of the person who is requesting the funds.
  8. Name and address of the project and how the check should be made out.
  9. List of Board Members or those in charge of the project.


What programs are active through the foundation?

  • Wellness Initiative Fund
  • Cancer Center Assistance
  • Cancer Center Education
  • Cancer Center Outreach
  • Cancer Center Protocol
  • Garden of Hope/Healing Garden
  • Medical Staff Fund
  • Holiday Charity Fund
  • Hospital Patient Care Fund
  • The Psychiatry Fund
  • Employee Assistance

A summary of each program is found on the programs page.


How can I contribute to the foundation?
There are several ways to contribute to the Foundation. Monetary gifts are the most usual method, but there are times when gifts of time or products are very useful. Those times occur during the planning of an event and will be announced on the website.

Currently contributions are accepted through postal mail, by dropping off in the Foundation office, or online via PayPal. Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.

What does it mean “all contributions are tax deductible?”
The federal government recognizes all charitable contributions as a tax deduction that can be taken each year a contribution is made. (Please see your tax professional or follow the IRS link on our website.)

Your website says the Foundation is 501(c) (3) organization. What does this mean?
501(c) (3) is a federal designation meaning the organization is a charitable organization.

What is the difference between “Restricted Funds” and “Unrestricted Funds?”
Contributors may donate money to the Foundation without a specific reason, which is preferred since the Foundation supports many valuable programs using unrestricted funds.

Money that is donated for a specific cause falls under the category of restricted funds. This money will only be used for that specific purpose.