What our patients are saying...
"The people went over and above the call of their duty during my time in rehab!"

What our patients are saying...
"Thank you for everyone’s help in getting Mom home again. It was a real team effort."

What our patients are saying...
"Great staff; caring, fun to be around and very good at their jobs.”

What our patients are saying...
“I received excellent care from all who treated me. Thank you again for your wonderful hospital.”

What our patients are saying...
"Thanks for your dedication to our health!”

What our patients are saying...
“ACMH has a great Cardiac Rehab Program – keep up the good work!”

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ACMH Foundation

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Mission & Vision


The mission of the ACMH Foundation is to provide financial, educational, and human resources to community programs that foster the awareness, understanding, and creation of healthy communities. This is achieved primarily by performing the following duties:

  • Support of ACMH Hospital and its healthcare initiatives.
  • Develop and implement effective fund raising programs.
  • Invest and manage entrusted funds responsibly, ethically, and effectively.
  • Promote awareness of the Foundation and the programs it supports.
  • Develop, support and deploy a network of volunteers, professionals, and community organizations that promote and champion health and wellness programs.


The ACMH Foundation will be a driving philanthropic force in the community with a primary focus on raising the awareness and availability of health and wellness initiatives.


The values that the Foundation will incorporate into its pursuit of the mission; commitment, integrity, honesty, accountability, and professionalism.

To Our Stakeholders:

To Our Donors, we pledge:


Donors who choose to remain anonymous regarding any type of recognition can be assured that, once notified, we will not acknowledge their gift publicly.


ACMH Foundation does not sell or exchange mailing lists with any other charity or related business. Our donor records are confidential. We have no access to patient records; therefore we only know what donors choose to tell us.

Contribution Direction

The Foundation prefers to receive general gifts so that at any given time, we are in a position to respond to the most urgent equipment needs of the hospital. However, should donors wish to direct their gift to a specific program or department of ACMH we will ensure that their wishes are met.

Tax Receipts

All donations will be acknowledged by letter to express gratitude.

Donor Bill of Rights and Privacy Policy.

The Board of Directors and Staff of ACMH Foundation have adopted both of these donor policies.

To Our Community, we pledge:

To be the visionary for our community members. We will plan and implement health and wellness programs that will give our community the necessary tools for continued health and longevity, for generations.

To Our Community Health and Wellness Professionals and Organizations, we pledge:

To work collaboratively to build a network of linked health and wellness services.

We are driven by the challenge to promote a healthy community. We will forge long-term partnerships with private and public agencies with the mission of community health and wellness.

To Our Volunteers:

We will offer rewarding experiences.

We will provide direction and organization for all activities.

We will recognize volunteerism with certificates of participation.