What our patients are saying...
"The people went over and above the call of their duty during my time in rehab!"

What our patients are saying...
"Thank you for everyone’s help in getting Mom home again. It was a real team effort."

What our patients are saying...
"Great staff; caring, fun to be around and very good at their jobs.”

What our patients are saying...
“I received excellent care from all who treated me. Thank you again for your wonderful hospital.”

What our patients are saying...
"Thanks for your dedication to our health!”

What our patients are saying...
“ACMH has a great Cardiac Rehab Program – keep up the good work!”

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Contributor Designated Funds

Cancer Center (Oncology) Assistance – This fund assists low income cancer patients cope with health costs associated with their cancer treatment.

Cancer Center (Oncology) Education – In order to provide our cancer patients with the best nursing available, this fund enables the ACMH nurses to acquire cutting edge techniques used in cancer treatment.

Cancer Center (Oncology) Outreach – The Outreach program gives our community the tools to learn about cancer. Screenings, education and support programs afford the citizens of Armstrong County and surrounding areas the opportunity to stop cancer before cancer begins.

Oncology Protocol – The Oncology Protocol is a unique program at ACMH Hospital that gives cancer patients the opportunity to take part in pharmaceutical research specific for their cancer condition. ACMH is very proud to have this service available giving our patients the edge in conquering their cancer.

Garden of Hope/Healing Garden – The Healing Garden is a fund started by cancer victims, and their friends and families, to provide a peaceful garden of reflection at ACMH. Plans are set to include benches, trees, flowers and a fountain to provide a tranquil setting for all of those touched by cancer.

Medical Staff Fund – The Medical Staff makes a commitment to “promoting the health in the community. ” The ACMH Medical Staff will do this in part by providing financial support to charitable programs that promote health-related community education or community awareness of health-related problems.

Hospital Patient Care Fund – The Executive Team of ACMH understood the needs of low income families and delivered a solution when they created this fund. While accompanying their loved one for urgent treatment, eligible family members will receive temporary stipends for meals and transportation to help ease worry and stress.

Holiday Charity Fund – Again, the entire staff and auxiliary of ACMH have extended their charitable hand to help eligible low-income families by providing yearly contributions towards Christmas gifts.

Wellness Initiative Fund – The Wellness Initiative fund is growing with the new wave of wellness and fitness. Walking events and educational programs are supported by this fund to enhance healthy lifestyles.

The Psychiatry Fund – The Psychiatry Fund is a charity developed by the ACMH Psychiatric Physicians. By creating this fund, it demonstrates the ACMH Psychiatric Physicians’ commitment to the community by providing sponsorship of free programs and other initiatives to the ACMH Psychiatric patients, staff and others whose causes align with The Psychiatry Fund’s objectives.

Board Designated Funds

Supported by Fundraising Events

“Drugs Kill Dreams” Activities – The ACMH Foundation is proud to aid in the effort of decreasing drug addiction. The drug awareness campaign was created by J. Gary DeComo.

HEALTHY Armstrong – In collaboration with the Armstrong School District, Children’s Community Pediatrics of Armstrong, UPMC Health Plan and other community organizations, ACMH Hospital is developing wellness programs to educate and provide fitness resources enabling our children to understand and choose healthy lifestyles. The ACMH Hospital Foundation is proud to provide funding for this initiative, and now, the initiative has a new name! Look out for HEALTHY Armstrong and a wave a programs coming to your neighborhood!

View the HEALTHY Armstrong website

Camp Cadet

Community Awareness Day