What our patients are saying...
"The people went over and above the call of their duty during my time in rehab!"

What our patients are saying...
"Thank you for everyone’s help in getting Mom home again. It was a real team effort."

What our patients are saying...
"Great staff; caring, fun to be around and very good at their jobs.”

What our patients are saying...
“I received excellent care from all who treated me. Thank you again for your wonderful hospital.”

What our patients are saying...
"Thanks for your dedication to our health!”

What our patients are saying...
“ACMH has a great Cardiac Rehab Program – keep up the good work!”

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Armstrong Surgical Associates

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Armstrong Surgical Associates is committed to providing the highest levels of surgical care for our patients. Our team of surgeons are all board certified and maintain training on the latest treatments for surgical problems. We offer a wide spectrum of general surgery, colorectal surgery and endoscopic procedures. Below is a sample of common problems we treat but is not a complete list. Please inquire if you do not see your subject of interest.

• Excision of Skin Lesions (Cancer and Non-Cancer)
• Gastro-Intestinal Surgery
• Colon Surgery including surgery for Colon Cancer and Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis
• Gallbladder Surgery
• Minimal Invasive Surgery ( Laparoscopic) including Gallbladder and Colon Surgery
• Treatment of Breast Masses (Cancer and non Cancerous)
• Hernia Repair (Open and Minimally Invasive Techniques)
• Endoscopic Procedures (Upper Endoscopy and Colonoscopy)
• Treatment of Rectal Disease (Hemorrhoids, Fissures, Rectal Prolapse, Rectocele)
• Treatment of Lower Extremity Venous Disease (VNUS)
• Pacemaker Placement

Armstrong Surgical Associates accepts most insurance plans.  Please inquire for specific questions at 724-543-4942.

Our office is located at:
Building 500, Suite 540
Medical Arts Complex

Phone: (724) 543-4942
Fax: (724) 543-8865
Hours: 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday